200 Kinglong high-end buses exported to Cyprus

On May 27, 2020, 200 Kinglong City Buses set sail from Xiamen to Cyprus. The export of these orders is of great significance. In 2011, Kinglong Bus exported 172 buses to Malta, setting the first order for Chinese buses to be exported to the EU. As the first Chinese bus brand to enter the European market, this time Kinglong Bus once again set a new record, achieving the industry's largest single order for export to Europe, laying a new milestone for Chinese buses to ride Europe.
This batch of vehicles will be put into operation in the public transportation line of the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia.
It is particularly worth mentioning that this batch of vehicles is equipped with the automatic spray system of Kinglong Bus,It can efficiently complete the disinfection and sterilization of the objects and air in the bus.
In the context of the global epidemic of the COVID-19 epidemic, the arrival of the Kinglong bus with a stronger "immunity" will effectively help the prevention and control of the Cyprus epidemic and bring safer travel to local people.
The spread of the COVID-19 epidemic has caused a huge impact on the company's procurement, logistics, production, shipping, settlement, etc., and delivery of overseas orders is difficult. In March, the European epidemic was concentrated, and the delivery of orders from Cyprus was very difficult.
"Customers have strict requirements on delivery time. In the absence of an epidemic situation, problems in any link may lead to unsatisfactory delivery time, not to mention that these orders from procurement to production and delivery have been affected by the outbreak of China and Europe "Zhao Yutong, Manager of the European Region of Kinglong Bus Overseas Sales Department, recalled. Since this order involves long-term delivery, many parts come from manufacturers in Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany. As early as January, Kinglong Bus purchased parts from European manufacturers one after another. It was a time when domestic epidemics were prevalent, and there were obstacles in business negotiations and procurement implementation. The spread of the European epidemic in March caused many difficulties in parts production and shipment.
Kinglong Bus fully utilizes its mature overseas operation experience, working together, eliminating difficulties,  and pushing forward order fulfillment. Looking back at the entire arduous process, many pictures are still vivid. "The manufacturer of the wheelchair lifting device in this order is in Italy. We anticipate the possible impact of the outbreak in Italy. We have continuously communicated with our suppliers and asked to expedite the production and organization of the shipment. Eventually, devices were successfully shipped the night before Italy closed the port!"

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