100 Yutong electric buses exported to Kazakhstan, helping green travel in extreme cold regions

Recently, the overseas market of China's new energy buses has achieved fruitful results. 100 Yutong E12 pure electric buses have successfully arrived in Kazakhstan. The first 20 vehicles have been put into operation in the core bus line of its capital, Nur-Sultan, the second coldest capital in the world The remaining vehicles will also be put into operation one after another.

It is reported that this is the first large-scale purchase of pure electric buses in Kazakhstan and the largest single-batch order of pure electric buses in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. The completion of the order of 100 pure electric buses is not only affirmation of the continued deep cultivation of Yutong Bus in the Kazakhstan market, but also full of expectations for future development.

In January 2019, after careful inspection, customers in Kazakhstan chose a Yutong pure electric bus for trial in Nur-Sultan. The vehicle is stable and reliable, stable driving, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent control, convenient maintenance, comfortable driving, etc. The outstanding performance soon won many praises from local people, government departments and operators.

Winter in Nur-Sultan is very cold, and the temperature is usually below minus 40 degrees Celsius. Even in this extremely cold environment, Yutong pure electric vehicles still run well, which further strengthens Kazakhstan's confidence in developing pure electric buses.

Therefore, in mid-2019, Kazakhstan held a new energy bus bidding event, Yutong pure electric bus once again stood out, winning 100  vehicles in one fell swoop. From 1 to 100 vehicles, the commissioning of Yutong's pure electric buses will promote Kazakhstan to usher in new development opportunities, which can not only achieve energy saving and emission reduction effects, but also create a more comfortable transportation environment for local people. It will also enhance Kazakhstan's national image.

Local people also said: "We are also on the world's most advanced passenger cars. This is a powerful measure by the government to assess the situation and benefit the people. It is worthy of praise." After the 100 Yutong E12s are put into operation, they will bring local people A zero-emission, high-quality travel service experience.

It is understood that Yutong Bus has "tailor-made" these batches of E12 pure electric buses to Kazakhstan's local travel habits and climate characteristics. The vehicle adopts a low-floor, front, middle, and rear three-door design, which allows passengers to get on and off the vehicle very smoothly, more humanized, and effectively improves the operation efficiency of the vehicle.

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