Yutong strong ramming sail Dubai

Since the beginning of 2000 the first batch of equipment exports so far, Yutong heavy industry development footprint has been around the world. July 4, 2017, two Yutong strong tamping machine arrived in Dubai, which is 2016 years after more than 20 Taiwan Yutong basic construction products sent to Dubai after the news once again.


    Dubai local temperature reached more than forty degrees, the surface temperature is as high as six or seventy degrees Celsius, severe construction environment on the dynamic compaction machine hydraulic system, winch, engine, air conditioning requirements are very strict, Yutong strong tamping machine in Dubai excellent Performance, and achieved the trust of customers, customers once again choose Yutong, is the biggest recognition of our products.


    After seven years and four generations of continuous upgrading of products, Yutong strong tamping machine safety and reliability has reached a very stable level, longer life, product failure rate is lower, operating efficiency higher than the same industry 30%, especially The YTQH450B hydraulic crawler compacting machine, which is equipped with Cummins engine and free hook and winch, is lightweight, flexible, comfortable and safe, and is "creating greater value for customers".


    Back to the past, our products into Dubai has been more than ten years, the pursuit of excellence in product quality, continuous improvement of the spirit of artisans, to ensure that our products continue to grow market share, exports ranked first in the Dubai market. Looking to the future, Yutong strong ramming products will continue to uphold the high quality and efficient beliefs for customers to create greater value!


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